The Merciful Servant

18, from worcester uk ( google it ) name |Rais Yousaf|


ok so how can people support a group (hamas) that literally builds terror tunnels.

or any tunnels for that matter??? do you know what kind of people build illegal tunnels to infiltrate areas or smuggle illegal goods/items/weapons?


and in this case, TERRORISTS!

it’s actually laughable how some people can support this terrorist organization.. like what sick-minded person do you have to be? and yes I have seen support for hamas on this very website.

What kind of a sick person will write this just. Smuggling goods is not as bad as killing babies who were supposed to have years of life ahead of em. Imagine of you died that young what would your parents do your family. Israel mourns about their children but not Palestine’s why. Answer that is it because they think USA will back them up just remember and think about how many Palestine protest there are going on and imagine if everyone one of this individuals went to war against israel what would they do. They have power now but god can take it away from them in a snap.

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